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Suitable for those who:

  • Need One Horoscope Analysis: D1 and Dasha.

  • Need help on pre-determined questions

  • Need Quick Answers to Three Specific Questions in Brief.

  • Need One Vedic Remedy.

  • Need One Angel Guidance.

  • Need a pre-recorded audio file of their reading.

  • Reading Duration: 10-14 Minutes

MP3 File/ Audio Note


Trust our service to help you navigate life's challenges and welcome abundance and positivity.


*Note:* For clients lacking precise birth details (birth date, birth time & birthplace), our services are still available without Kundali analysis, subject to the usual rates and conditions.
- *Additional Information*: Please be aware that no extra questions or additional time will be entertained.
-*Bonus*: One/two oracle/tarot cards will be drawn.

*Delivery Details*:
- We aim for prompt service delivery within 2-5 business days.
- *Medium*: Mp3 File/Audio Notes.
- The date and time for the delivery of the digital service will be communicated post-payment via email and WhatsApp.

*Terms and Conditions (Please Read Before Booking)*:
1. For pre-recorded readings, ask specific questions like 'current feelings of your partner' or 'upcoming events in your career', 'when will I get married' etc. Avoid merging questions; only the specified number of queries will be answered.
2. Please understand: No cancellations, no refunds.
3. Refunds, in exceptional cases, are subject to a 25% cancellation fee.
4. Inquiries about third parties, death, or child gender are not accommodated.
5. Black magic is not included in our services.
6. Refrain from asking for specific details about individuals (name, profession, city, age, height, etc.).
7. We reserve the right to decline a reading if the energy feels incompatible.
8. A full refund will be issued if the reading is canceled/declined by us.
9. All information shared is kept confidential and will not be shared or misused.



Pre-recorded Audio Reading

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